Psychological therapy for young people and adults

Individual therapy helps patients to look at their difficulties and the underlying emotions which are the guide to their psychic life.

I offer psychological therapy and provide treatment to adults who present with disorders such as:

  • anxiey disorders

  • low mood/ depression

  • stress at home or at work

  • emotional difficulties

  • parenting support

Psychological therapy for children and adolescents

When parents are seeking psychological treatment for their child, I often suggest them to attend the first appointment alone so we can discuss current difficulties, family  background or any other concerns within the family and then decide what would best suit their family's needs. When working with children, it is paramount to work with the whole family, as this often brings lasting and in depth outcomes. If we decide that the child will start treatment on a regular basis, parents will also be expected to have an active part in their child's therapy and so will need to attend individual sessions when necessary. If needed, I can also contact other professionals such as school staff or speech and language/occupational therapists. 


Parent - Infant Psychotherapy Sessions   

I offer individual parent - infant sessions, where the focus is on early intervention, meaning that we enable parents to develop a strong, secure and safe attachment relationship with their babies by working through their emotional difficulties.



Everything we talk about will remain private and confidential unless I am worried about your child’s safety or the safety of anyone else. In those circumstances I have a professional responsibility to share information with relevant professionals.